Your logo is the face of your business.

It needs to be unique enough to stand out yet easy enough to remember.

Building a 100% unique logo is key to starting what will become your brand.

When we say 100% unique we mean it.

GENERIC LOGoGeneric Logo Design


When you use a “free” or “discount” online program for design you typically end up with something like this. It’s bland, forgettable and quite unprofessional.

You and your business deserve better.

CUSTOM LOGOCustom Logo Design

By using Bradham Company you can be certain that the finished logo will be unique, readable and most importantly memorable. 

Our logos are free of any stock elements and all elements used are either hand drawn or licensed from artists. The same with the typography.

Your logo should be as unique as your business is!


As your business grows, your brand will evolve. It could become more simple as it becomes more recognizable or completely change in a different direction entirely. 


Examples of this can be seen throughout all industries. Take Visa for example. The evolution from the 50’s until current time is a marked difference but still recognizable nonetheless.

Visa Logo Evolution


Start your branding journey off right!

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