Fulfillment may not be your favorite part of business but it is the most important piece of the puzzle in the physical sales process. Your customer has to receive their product in a timely manner and it can get to be an overwhelming part of your day to day. That’s where Bradham Company comes in.


Custom Business Packaging

Packaging is definitely a big influence on how your brand is viewed and it is overlooked a lot of the time. If you’re sending your product out in plain packaging you are missing an opportunity to remind the customer where their awesome product came from and possibly hindering repeat business and referrals. Let us design and print your packaging so you can focus on the core of your business. 

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Warehousing for Business

Honestly, warehousing can be a big pain on a growing business. Between the space for inventory and the man power to get your orders out on time it might seem impossible on some busy days. That’s where we come in. We at Bradham Company will store your items, pick daily inventory and ship them to your customers blind so it appears to have originated at your own warehouse. No more mail store trips for you.

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Shipping Companies for Business

Regardless of where your customer is in the world, we will use the most efficient carrier. The largest carriers are USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL. In local cases we partner with independent courier services especially in large cities and when deadlines are tight and critical.

You can put your trust in Bradham Company to make sure your customers receive their products complete and on time.

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Shipping Label for Business

All packaging that leaves our warehouse includes a unique tracking number that would be emailed to you upon shipment. Optionally, we can use a generic email address to send the information to your customer or upload them to a portal for your customer to view. The goal is to take the burden of shipping off your back and make you more productive at your actual business.


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Fix your fulfillment issues today. 

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