MARKETING (ugh, right?)

Marketing is a very general term. You can ask 100 people what it means and you will get 100 different answers or variations at the very least. Essentially we perform the needed duties to drive new customers to you and keep your face in front of your existing customers.

It can be daunting but we take that off your shoulders so you can focus on your business!


Social Icons

Social media has, without a doubt, had the largest effect on our digital lives for over a decade. Whether it’s connecting with friends, finding a business recommendation or advertising your business it is impossible to ignore the importance of having a strong social presence. We will grow your followers with ease and tailor your social posts to make a lasting impact.

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Search Engine Optimization Pay Per Click Advertising

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been around as long as the Internet. It is constantly evolving as all search engines change their algorithms for aggregating data. What worked yesterday might not work today. We can monitor your status on major search engines and get you the placement you need. Pay Per Click (PPC) is a ‘sponsored’ link on search engines and social networks.

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Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail is not SPAM, let’s be very clear on that. We do not support or provide unsolicited email service. What we do provide is the service for your customers who have opted-in for communication from your company regarding news and promotions in a timely manner. They can opt-out at any time. Printed direct mail is the same and is helpful for customers who would rather have physical communication versus digital.

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Street Team Marketing

In our ever evolving digital world the term Street Team might seem archaic but it is a viable marketing option for some businesses. It tends to be associated with entertainment (i.e. night clubs, bars) and tourist attractions (i.e. amusement parks, gift shops) but can be tailored to fit most businesses especially in small local markets. We can review your business goals to see if this is a viable option to add into your marketing plan.

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Start your marketing journey off right!

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