At Bradham Company we love hearing from our clients. Whether it’s a 5 star review or a “I’ve had better” review, we take everything to heart to continue and improve our services. We post unfiltered testimonials from our clients with their permission only. We can include your name and company, or simply your name. At the bottom of the page there is a place to submit yours. Hopefully we exceeded your expectations!

“I think we were the first client. In 2017 we were struggling to get our mobile pet grooming business off the ground when we met Mr. Brock at an after hours networking event in Conroe. We immediately knew he would help us. Not only was he able to brand our company, his personal references helped us establish a ground level base for referrals. After 4 years I can say we made the right choice because we finally cleared a 6 figure revenue in 2020 when we began a recommended service of sterilized grooming during the Covid pandemic. We continue to use the Bradham services and will in the future.”

 -Abigail H. – The Woodlands, TX

“The process started off rocky, we were not on the same page at all. I was expecting something different completely but in the end it was made right. I will say that they did not give up until I was happy.”

 -Karen W. – Houston, TX

“We were branching off on our own from a real estate company and we lost all our connections to where we were getting our cards and our signs. We were able to sit down and show them exactly what we wanted and they replicated them perfectly. We couldn’t be happier with the service and timely delivery.”

 -Ruby G. – College Station, TX

“as a marketing manager for a multi-state company i was scared to go with people i did not know. i was actually referred to them by a friend and i could not have been happier. every branch got everything on time and i never had to lift a finger. 5 stars.”

 -Vicki M. – Charlotte, NC

“I originally met Joe at the OTC in 2015 I believe and we were an upstart in central Texas in the mid-stream market with 7 employees. We grew really quickly and about 2 years later we had 250 employees. While we didn’t stay with Joe through all the way we are back now and really give them credit for helping the growth initially.”

 -Robert T. Broward – Round Rock, TX



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